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iPhone: this is how it is used to draw also in Italy

Not only the New Yorker can boast artists who use iPhones to paint. More modestly, but only from the media point of view not too modestly in terms of quality of work, our country can also count on something similar: people who have discovered iPhone as a tool for their own creativity.

A passionate, "professional graphic designer and designer by passion", as Macity himself defines himself. This is Simone Gnaccarini whose works are visible at this link .. Among them you can also see some works made on the iPhone using Brushes. But how did Simone have the idea to start and where did it start?

The mini illustrations – the artist tells Macity with the … mobile phone in his hand – on the iPhone I began to make them just over two months, with Brushes. Before Brushes, applications for freehand drawing allowed at most to draw a black line or a few colors on a white background; they were at most notepads. I wanted an application for artists! An app that would allow me to sketch a landscape on the fly wherever I was, without having to carry the case with the colors and the sketch pad and with the ease of use of a Painter + Wacom Cintiq. A really good claim; almost impossible, at least until it appeared ,ointom Brushes. I have been expecting it since 2007 – Simone still tells us -; I own iPhone from the Edge version. From an artistic point of view, Brushes gives you a lot of expressive freedom and a program that you learn to use in the blink of an eye. It does not have many tools but those that are there, if combined, allow you to create many effects. I think its strength is its usability and extremely gestural, from zooming to selecting the color and pressing on the screen.

Simone, what do you use to draw? "Fingers and nib, but I have to say that I use the latter less than I thought. I use it mostly to give the initial sketches, then for the details I use the good old finger which allows me a greater precision

iPhone at the center of your "manual" art, but also the Mac has been important in your artistic life … Of course! I have been a fan of the platform since '92, since when my sister, who was studying architecture, bought an LC III with system 7. I, who was studying at the Art Institute at the time, hated all computers and considered them enemies of the creativity and design. I must say that for that strange cardboard-shaped pizza box it attracted me in a totally different way from the garbage cans seen at my friends' house. Here the screen showed icons in the shape of a basket, sheet and pencil, a colored eye.

Even Botticelli's Venus! And they were programs that allowed you to do anything. Nothing to do with those ugly lines of "other computers" text. It was love at first sight and from that day Mac and I never parted again "

Simone's Mac work partner since 1997 first in editorial graphics and later in animation and on the web. Then the iPhone dream came: as for many people – Simone still tells us – I cradled this dream for a long time. It would have been really nice if Apple had created a simple, reliable and beautiful mobile phone like a Mac. I confess that when I dreamed of buying it, the only thing I imagined I would have done was to use it to make calls and send messages]. Then with the passage of time and the growth of technologies, my idea of ​​the iPhone developed and I must say that the final product fully meets my expectations. Now I could no longer do without it, my little Mac always in my pocket, always online and always ready to produce something: an email, a text document and above all a drawing to share them a photo and share them