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iPhone OS 3.0: this is how Tethering and MMS work

iPhone OS 3.0: this is how Tethering and MMS work – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Practically all smartphones on the market allow you to take advantage of the connection to the cellular network to access the Internet directly from your laptop, an operation that in jargon is briefly indicated with the term tethering. This practical function has not been made available to iPhone users to date. but the situation will change with the introduction of iPhone OS 3.0 by the summer. Since March, developers who have access to iPhone 3.0 in beta have identified windows and commands in charge of this function within the operating system. The same goes for MMS messages, a function considered superfluous for users who habitually use email, but who still miss many users fond of advanced messages via cellular network.

In a video available on YouTube (also in high resolution) it is possible to observe these two new capabilities of the iPhone OS 3.0 in operation: for convenience we report the video below. In the first part of the video you can see the direct test of tethering via Bluetooth and subsequently also via USB: in both cases the user offers a practical demonstration of connecting to the Web from the Mac to navigate using the iPhone. In the second part of the movie, 2 minutes and 37 seconds from the beginning, you can see the creation and sending of an MMS, a text message to which an image taken from the iPhone camera roll is added.

Before exulting for these two next additions in the full-bodied package of functions within the reach of the iPhone, it should be remembered that while the adoption and support for MMS appears practically obvious for any operator, and even more so for our own, the speech is complicated for tethering. Although Apple will make the function possible from the point of view of the operating system and communication with the Mac, the actual availability will also depend on the reference mobile operator who, depending on the case, may or may not enable tethering via iPhone on its own network. mobile phone.

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