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iPad, the news is not over: a model with mini-LED by the end of the year | Digitimes

The forecasts of the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo on iPad Pro have come true, in recent days, with the presentation of the new 11 and 12.9-inch models equipped with LiDAR sensor. THE rumor on the iPads coming this year, however, they didn't stop there, and they predicted the existence of at least one third device. And the last one report by Digitimes keep referring to it: we are talking about the iPad Pro with mini-LED screen.

Second Digitimes there are elements to talk about a launch for the end of the year. verbatim:

Apple prefers mini LED technology to OLED for its medium-sized devices, and will launch an iPad Pro with mini LED lighting in the last quarter of 2020 "

There is also room for an estimate on the orders of the two newly revealed iPad Pros: in fact, it seems that distributors should expect a large number of important orders, destined to grow in the second quarter of the year, when perhaps the crisis dictated by the pandemic in progress should lighten.

Going back to the iPad mini-LED, we have reason to believe that reported by Digitimes is founded not only for the reliability of the sources from which they received the information (internal to the distribution), but also because over the months the same rumor has been taken over on several occasions by Ming-Chi Kuo.

The very first rumors in this sense he provided them, and they go back to end of September: moreover, on that occasion it was also mentioned a new MacBook equipped with mini-LED technology.

Then in late February he returned to the subject, revealing an alleged agreement between Apple and Innolux for the supply guess what? That's right, gods mini-LED panels. At the beginning of March, moreover, he not only reiterated that there will also be an iPad to assemble the new displays, but he specified that more than one model will be affected, and that other categories of mini-LED devices will arrive together: one iMac Pro and two MacBook Pro.

In short, in total they make three clues, and with the report released today by Digitimes we get to four: will they be enough to make an iPad mini-LED? We will find out by the end of the year.