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Internet Explorer for PC, six security bugs

Internet Explorer for PC, six security bugs – logomacitynet1200wide 1

You are bugs at once. Tanti repairs a patch for IE released yesterday by Microsoft and intended to improve the security of the PC version of the browser. Most of the holes allowed hackers to take control of a remote machine, doing potentially destructive operations, requiring the execution of particular scripts. One of them, combined with a minor bug in MSN Messanger, determined the theoretical possibility of 'stealing' MSN accounts and using their personality for any type of operation with obvious risks to the victim's safety. Some security experts had reported the problems in question a few days ago, accompanying them to precise and new accusations on the lack of attention by Microsoft for this type of problems concerning data integrity but also more general privacy protection issues. According to several observers, Microsoft, which had recently proclaimed that it had put privacy at number one of its business problems, is not working accordingly. 'Some of these bugs' says an English developer, Tom Glider' are not so difficult to find. We stood in front of the computer about ten minutes and immediately noticed them. Microsoft says many nice words about security but I haven't seen many put into practice "

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