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Impossible Burger, here is the meatless hamburger that Google wanted

Do you want to taste a meat burger made without meat but which has the same taste, flavor and texture as a meat burger? It seems an impossible task but not for Impossible Food, a company that has made the Impossible Burger after five years of study, a totally vegan hamburger but which – it is said – has all the characteristics (taste, texture, aroma) of a hamburger of authentic meat.

The company considered one of the most promising start-ups in the hi-tech kitchen sector and Google in the past attempted to buy the company by offering around 300 million dollars; the deal broke down: Impossible Food wanted more money and Google was unwilling to raise the stakes.

Impossible Food burgers are made with healthy and completely vegan ingredients. Here is the declared composition of an Impossible Burger, which can be considered today the first vegetable hamburger capable of blending in with a counterpart made with meat: water, wheat proteins, coconut oil, natural flavors, heme protein, yeast extract, salt , soy protein, Konjac protein, Xanthan gum, thiamine (vitamin B1), zinc, niacin, vitamin B6, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin B12, flour and soy.

Impossible Burger

The main and fundamental ingredient heme: "We have discovered that heme is the magical ingredient that makes the meat we cook, look and eat so" meaty "- reads the official website – The exceptionally abundant heme in meat, me generally a brick based on all living organisms on Earth, including plants. So we use heme vegetable protein to give our hamburger its incredible meaty flavor. "

Where to eat it? for the moment the "impossible" vegetable burger can only be enjoyed at the Momofuku Nishi restaurant in New York, at a price of $ 12. We will see if it will arrive soon also in Italy.