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iFighter: 1942-style aerial combat on iPhone and touch

iFighter: 1942-style aerial combat on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

A quick glance at the game screens is enough to recognize the close similarity between the new full version of iFighter for iPhone and touch with the classic arcade games 1942 and 1943 from the 80s. As a World War II pilot we control our fighter through various vertically flowing scenarios in which flocks of enemy planes, warships and massive bombers acting as end-of-level bosses will do everything possible to bring us down.

On our way, completely destroying each flock of enemies, it is possible to collect various upgrades both for weapons and for a series of small support planes. Once collected, they position themselves alongside us and exactly follow the movements of our aircraft, helping to significantly increase the firepower and coverage. iFighter offers 4 game levels, the ability to play with three levels of increasing difficulty, and finally the ability to control the action with 3 different systems. Considering the affordable introductory price of just 79 cents, this is an attractive title for any type of player: iFighter available starting from this App Store page.

For the most demanding players, remember that Gameloft offers Siberian Strike with very similar settings and game system, offered at the price of 3.99 euros of which Macitynet has made this complete test.

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