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HP, positive quarter

HP, positive quarter – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The quarter for HP ended positively. The company led by Carly Fiorina has in fact written in the balance sheet an asset of 484 million dollars on a turnover of 11.4 billion dollars, down compared to the 12.4 billion dollars of the same period last year but higher than what was expected. Well, in particular, profits that were 243% higher than those of last year.HP, however, warns investors that these results can hardly be confirmed even in the second fiscal quarter. Profits are largely the result of a recovery in purchases in the consumer segment, in particular during the Christmas holidays. The corporate sector, traditionally very important for HP, continues to show signs of weakness and, given that the current fiscal quarter for the consumer, the weakest of the year, we should expect a drop in sales, albeit modest. 'The recovery,' says Carly Fiorina, 'will only occur in the second half of the year'. It should be noted that the sector that has shown the most grip on the market, in addition to printing and PCs, has been that of digital photography. Cameras and photo printers grew 30% over last year, and HP intends to push further into the consumer sector by launching a line of ultra-low cost printers, under $ 99 and even $ 49. At the moment HP has only started its march in this direction but in the future the segment will be cultivated in a particular way. "We found ourselves competing with products," said Fiorina, "which were not designed to keep up with the costs in this segment." In the future, HP's research and development sector will work particularly on this market segment.

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