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How to use Spotify Voice to play music with voice commands …

At the beginning of 2018, the well-known streaming service introduced a feature called Spotify Voice, a voice assistant integrated directly into the app. It allows us to talk to quickly find and play favorite songs, albums, artists, videos and podcasts on Spotify. Although initially the feature was only available on iOS, it was recently integrated into Android. Here's how it works.

Use Spotify Voice to play music with voice commands

If you use iOS 13 or later, you can take advantage of Spotify's official Siri support instead of its built-in voice assistant. Likewise, if you have an Android smartphone, Spotify works with Google Assistant. If Siri or Google Assistant isn't your thing, try Spotify Voice. only available for Spotify premium subscribers and works only on smartphones and not on PC. Voice commands that can be performed include:

"Play something I like""Play some indie rock""Play Beatles Revolver""Recommend me something""Play Taylor Swift's latest single""Play my daily mix"

Although it is necessary to be within the app to perform these actions, a significant improvement in the search functionality, making searches faster without having to type.

How to enable Spotify Voice

First, make sure you have the most updated Spotify app for Android or iOS. Then, stop on the "Search" tab (the magnifying glass).

  • At the top right, near or within the search field, there is a microphone symbol. Stop on the latter;
  • If the first time you use the function, at this point it may be necessary to grant Spotify the permissions to use the microphone;
  • Step on the "Start" button and grant Spotify access to the microphone of your device.

How to use Spotify Voice

After granting him the necessary permissions, from now on all you need to do is touch the microphone icon in the "Search" tab. Alternatively, you can long press on the "Search" tab to activate Spotify Voice more quickly.

  • Once done, a screen will appear asking "Try saying the name of an artist, song or playlist";
  • At this point you just have to ask to play any artist, song, album, genre, radio station or playlist on Spotify. You can even use it to search for friends you've added.

If the app doesn't understand you, you may have to go to a quieter place or rephrase what you're saying. Keep in mind that music must be present in the Spotify catalog for it to work.

We also remind you that Spotify collects voice data every time you use the aforementioned feature. It means audio recordings and transcriptions of what you say, for “recognize what you say, understand yourself better and help us provide an answer or act for your voice command".

How to disable Spotify Voice

If you are not satisfied and do not agree with the voice data collected by the app, you can deactivate the function by acting on the smartphone settings. Disabling consists of a few simple steps:

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