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How to use Google Lens on Chrome | Guide

Have you ever thought of doing an internet search based on a portion of an image? With Google Lens you can do your research by photographing the image of what you want to look for, just frame the object and Google finds all the useful information for you. It also works as a translator, just frame the text to be translated and Google reads and translates in your language. But how to use Google Lens on Chrome? We explain it to you in this guide.

What is Google Lens

Google Lens is a fantastic free application that puts a very powerful one in your hands search tool. Google's famous algorithms have been expanded and do not allow you to do only the classic searches based on the insertion of keywords, but through the camera of your Android smartphone, able to provide you with all the useful information on the object framed.

It works on practically everything: translate texts from any language in real time; find clothing, accessories, shoes; tells you where it is possible to eat the dish you are framing near your position; provides information on structures and buildings that you shoot with your camera; able to identify plants, animals and much more. You can download Google Lens for free from the Play Store.

How to use Google Lens on Chrome

Google Lens is a service that can only be used on Android devices, but there is a procedure that allows you to activate its functions also on the Google Chrome browser in order to perform searches based on images.

  • Open Google Chrome on your device and navigate to the chrome: // flags address.
  • On the page that opens, look for the item “context-menu-search-with-google-lens"(Without quotes) and select the item"Enable"After clicking on"Default";
  • Now all you have to do is restart the browser closing the Chrome page and reopening a new one.

How to use Google Lens on Chrome

When starting the new browser page, look for an image, open the menu on it with a little long press and in addition to the usual items, you should now also see the new function Search with Google Lens.

What changes from the classic search for images

Before theactivation of Google Lens it was possible to search based on images, but the function was limited to searching for objects similar to the one sought. With Google Lens the search much more in-depth and thanks to Google's algorithms, much more information about the product is provided, such as prices, links to the online stores that have it or stores in your area that sell it. It is also possible to read the labels directly and receive information on the object registered with that barcode or QR code directly on your phone.

Disable Google Lens from Chrome

If after activating Google Lens on Chrome you realize you don't need it, or if the service does not meet your needs, you can always go back and disable it. The procedure is the same as that already described and all you have to do is reset the item “Default"Where you previously set"Enable".

Google Lens is yet another demonstration of Google's efficiency and its algorithms, thanks to which its artificial intelligence is increasingly precise, offering applications that can be used in everyday use.

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