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How to remove Instagram followers from your account | Guide

Protect the privacy on Instagram now more and more important, especially with public categories and hashtags and a solution that is often little considered the one on how to remove Instagram followers from the account. It is a really simple process and composed of a few quick steps to follow. Let's find out how to do it together!

How to remove a follower from Instagram

The reasons to decide to remove a follower they can be varied, the procedure allows you to limit not only access to profile contents but also public access to Instagram Collections and public hashtags. How to delete followers on Instagram a very quick process:

  • The first step should be very intuitive for the more experienced, for the less practical instead you have to remember to go to your profile – icon on the right margin of the lower bar – and finally click on the item “followers";How to remove Instagram followers from your account
  • You will be directed to the list of all Instagram followers who currently follow you, with the ability to select options for “Don't follow anymore"Or for"Follow", If you are not reciprocating the follow;
  • Each contact has options – the same for each to tell the truth – from which you can regulate a series of actions how to delete a follower from your account in one click as if nothing had happened;
  • In the case of Instagram, it will be enough for you click on the side menu icon (the three suspensive dots) to access the only option currently available: i.e. deleting the follower you have selected;
  • Last step, yet the most important of the whole process, the confirmation or cancellation of the choice to the fateful question asked by Instagram whether to continue or not.

Once deleted, you will not receive any further confirmation (as well as the deleted contact), the person will simply disappear from the followers list and the same will not be able in any way to know about your choice except by spontaneously visiting your profile.

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