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How to program SMS on Samsung Galaxy | GUIDE

In today's era of quick and easy communication via Android smartphones, we often tend to forget to send an important message to someone at the right time. The possibility of being able to use a function that allows the scheduling the sending of a message, a wish of many users, which we will satisfy through this guide thanks to a function available on Samsung Galaxy.

How to program an SMS on Samsung Galaxy

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy, then you will find yourself lucky because the integrated messaging app already has one function that allows the programming of SMS sending to the desired contact, on the exact date and time. To use it you must:

  • Open the app for messages on your device, by selecting the recipient to which to send the message;
  • Then proceed to the composition of the message to be sent and touch the "+" icon, located on the left side of the writing field;
  • Then select the optionSchedule message, available in the menu which you can open through the three dots located on the left in the bar below the text field;

Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy

  • You will now be able to schedule the sending of your message on the desired date and time, using the calendar displayed, together with the time available below, with an advance of at least one year;
  • After setting the scheduled time for sending the message from your Android smartphone, select the keyDone, then pressing the keySubmit.

The message will now be sent automatically on the date and at the preset time to the contact you have selected. If you have incorrectly set a wrong date and time, or want to change the text of the message, you will be able to change it, long press on the text of the message to eliminate it and proceed again to composition and programming.

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