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How To Move Chrome Navigation Bar Down On Android | …

Google has always liked to experiment with new features regardingChrome user interface, but when it comes to more drastic changes in development, they are initially hidden. One of the latest features introduced concerns the redesign of the menu buttons, to make them more accessible on smartphones with generously sized screens. This is currently a function being tested, but it can be enabled by following a particular procedure. So let's not get lost in chatter and let's see how to move Chrome navigation bar down on Android!

Move the navigation bar to Google Chrome

Moving the address bar facilitates viewing and facilitates navigation on recent smartphones with a larger screen. To carry out this operation, just follow the following steps:

  • Open Chrome and type chrome: // flags in the address bar, then press Enter;
  • It will take you to the page "Experiments”From Chrome, a list of features still being tested. However, these are features that have been tested and that usually do not cause crashes or noteworthy bugs;
  • In the text box “Search flags", search for "Duet". The option that interests us in this case "Chrome Duet", Which should be the first in the list;
  • After plugging on the drop down menu next to "Chrome Duet", You will be presented with several options:
    • "Enabled" and "Home-Search-Share”Will give you the same configuration as the buttons: Home, Search and Share.
    • "Home-Search-TabSwitcher”Similar, but change the share button with a button to view the open tabs;
    • "Newtab-Search-Share"Identical to" Enabled "but swaps the first icon with a button to open a new tab;
    • Finally, "Default"And" Disabled "apply the same configuration: nothing.

After deciding the button layout, choose "Restart" at the bottom of the page. We will update Chrome and now the three buttons below should appear. If not, try closing Chrome from the list of recent apps, then open it again.

Move Chrome navigation bar(1) Home-Search-TabSwitcher
Move Chrome navigation bar(2) Home-Search-Share
Move Chrome navigation bar(3) New Tab-Search-Share

For any configuration you have chosen, the icons not transferred at the bottom will remain accessible in their original position at the top of the screen.

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