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How to install, change and customize fonts and fonts on iPhone, iPod and iPad thanks …


Do you want to change and customize the font on iPhone, iPod and iPad? Do you want to change the system font on your iPhone, iPod and iPad? WithAnyFont you can do it for free and without jailbreak!

So let's see how to change, customize and modify the font on all Apple devices through the AnyFont program.

As we said, thanks to AnyFontit will be possible to install new fonts among the system ones, so that they can be used on any application: in this way in any program you can change and customize the font of your Apple smartphone or tablet.

The very interesting thing thatAnyFontsupports both file typeOpenType(OTF) eitherTrueType(TTF): in practice it manages to digest and manage any type of font: you only need to get the font of your interest to be able to change and customize on your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Another very interesting thing aboutAnyFont which, unlike many other tweaks, does not require jailbreak to work. You can therefore use your own custom fonts even without the jailbrek, which is very important.

After this short presentation, let's see together how to use AnyFont.

Install the font on AnyFont

1.After installing the application on the iPhone, iPod or iPad, you need to download a font to your device. There are various ways to do this, but the most convenient one is to go through cloud tools such as Dropbox or Google Drive. In practice, from the PC or Mac load the font on your cloud spaces and then go to download it on your Apple device.

2.When you need to download the font to your iPhone, iPod and iPad, try opening the .otf or .ttf file: when prompted, select Open in and then select AnyFont

3.By repeating these steps you can enter any font you want on your iPhone, iPod and iPad in AnyFont

4.You are not done yet. At this point, in fact, you have to install them on iOS. To do this, just touch the font and follow the instructions to install it as a profile.

There is an important clarification to make: this particular system works thanks to a configuration profile that allows the font to be installed and used only in compatible applications. Fonts will not work at the system level, but will be "read" by individual applications. In practice, even if you see the font change on your iPhone, iPod and iPad, it will be the single applications that will recall the font and there will not be a real replacement of fonts at the system level. The minimum visual difference, but important to understand that, without jailbreak, you do not have the possibility of going to change and replace the font at the system level.

To then delete a baster font, delete the relative configuration profile.

Once this is done, as if by magic, you will see that you will be able to change, customize and modify the system font on your iPhone, iPod and iPad even without jailbreak. Easy, fast and immediate, isn't it?

Recall that the AnyFont app does not offer any fonts: you will have to download them manually and insert them in the program.

The application available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the App Store at a price of 1.79. Oddly, the application has been approved by Apple and seems to be working well, although the use of configuration profiles is not very widespread.

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