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How to hide or disable the Google Nest Hub Max camera

The Google Nest Hub Max turned out to be an excellent smart display with several useful features. The device also equipped with front camera, which could put security and privacy maniacs at risk. Fortunately, the house has provided for the possibility of physically cover it or turn it off, that's how!

Google Nest Hub Max: here's how to hide or disable the front camera

The first and easiest way to turn off the Google Nest Hub Max camera, rotate the switch located on the rear device. By operating it, it will come microphone off and the camera stopped, which means that the device will not be able to resume or hear until it is reactivated through the switch.

Google Nest Hub Max

But what time would you still like to be able to use voice commands, but keep the camera off, a software option to disable it is also available. Baster swipe, scrolling up from the bottom of the Google Nest Hub Max screen, a key will then appear for activating or deactivating the camera in the toolbar. Tap it to turn off the camera.

Google Nest Hub Max

Cover the camera

In addition to being able to disable the device's camera via software command, you might physically cover it through practical covers. Since the device features rather pronounced bezels, webcam covers used on laptops can fit perfectly.

Google Nest Hub Max

However, keep in mind that, due to the fact that the webcams are much smaller, the use of such a method, through a cover, make sure obscure a part that the camera can shoot. This may be fine for Face Match and similar functions, but if you use Google Duo or the integrated Nest camera, the use of a cover could be an obstacle.

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