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How to enable Call Screen on Google Pixel devices GUIDE

Google used to amaze users by bringing new useful and intuitive features, such as Call Screen functionality on Google Pixels.

What and how Google Call Screen works available on Pixels

Call Screen designed to help Google Pixel users a filter spam calls and identify the purpose and the person behind them. The function is an automated system, useful to avoid annoying marketing or teleshopping calls, thus saving the response to these calls.

Thanks to the skills of Google Assistant Furthermore, which represents the operating key of the technology, Call Screen can be used even without a data connection, ensuring in any condition the protection of the user from possible spam or fraudulent calls. The system, however, will alert those who call the use of this technology.

Google Pixel

To use the function, the user must touch the relevant button. After that, Google Assistant will proceed to ask the identity and purpose of the caller, transcribing the conversation in real time on the screen. The user can therefore decide whether to respond or not, also having the option to mark the call as spam.

How to activate Call Screens on Google Pixels

Previously, the Call Screen function was limited to newer Google Pixel devices, while the Mountain View home recently made it also available to older models. However, compatibility is gradually being implemented, to activate it, the steps to follow are as follows:

  • First make sure your Google Pixel is running the latest Android version;
  • Open the phone app now and go up More> Settings> Call Screen;
  • Then activate the optionView caller ID and spam through its toggle;
  • Then tap the itemCall Screenand under the sectionCall settings unknownselect select the callers, choosing one of the following following options: – Ring; – Automatically display or reject robotic calls; – Hang up the call;

Through Call Screen also possible on Google Pixel save audio calls. Thanks to the activation, you will now be able to identify and prevent possible unwanted spam calls.

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