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How to create a ringtone for smartphones from PC and Android | …

Many people are tired of the classic ringtones that are found by default in the smartphone archive. Today, thanks to modern downloadable apps for both Android and PC, it is really easy to make an original ringtone yourself. This can be characterized by any type of sound: a melody, a voice or a piece of your favorite song. In this regard, if you were wondering then how to create a ringtone for smartphones from PC and Android you are in the right place!

How to create a ringtone for smartphones from PC and Android

1 Get the sound

Before proceeding with the realization of the ringtone, it is necessary to choose the ideal candidate to become the tone of the calls. There are many ways to do it. First, if you are in possession of a good one sound recorder, you can opt to capture a voice, a music you play yourself, the sounds of nature etc. If, on the other hand, you want to capture something that already exists, you just have to do some research. Are you a fan of a particular artist? Consider the possibility of purchasing your works on iTunes or other online stores. It is a few euro cents. Alternatively, you can take advantage of that fantastic portal that YouTube. Here you will find a large variety of sounds and music.

2 How to download audio files from YouTube and create the ringtone from PC

If you opt for this choice, you must know that it is an extremely simple operation. There are in fact many dedicated programs, both downloadable and to be used directly online. I recommend the second option, as you will be safer from attacking potential viruses. If you are working on a PC, all you need to do:

  • Search for the video of your interest e copy its URL;
  • Open any conversion site, for example OnlineVideoConverter. Just connect to the relevant site and paste the URL where required;
  • Select the "mp3" format and click on "Start". The file will soon be in the archive of your PC.

Often the downloaded audio file presents the piece that you want to use as a ringtone not exactly at the beginning but several seconds later. In this case it is advisable to cut the file using specific programs. Also in this circumstance I recommend an online program: At this point you will need:

  • Connect to the site;
  • Select the "choose", Which will redirect you to the internal PC archive.
  • Find the downloaded audio file and click on "open". The track will then be displayed;create a ringtone for smartphone
  • Identify the moment of interest and cut;
  • Save and you're done!

You'll just have to transfer the file to your cell phone and set it as a ringtone.

3 How to download audio files from YouTube and create the ringtone from Android

In case you want to perform all the operations directly via Android smartphone, in order to avoid problems, I recommend you download the TubeMate and MP3 Cutter applications. Widely tested, they have always been malware-free. You will need to use the first one to download the file from YouTube and the second one to create the ringtone. To download the audio file, proceed as follows:

  • Connect to the site;
  • Click on the relevant download link;
  • Install the App;
  • Open the App and search for the content of interest on YouTube;
  • Select the video on Youtube and choose the audio format;
  • Click on the red button connected to the TubeMate App to start the download. Sound will soon be present among smartphone downloads.

At this point, to create the ringtone, the operations are very similar to those to be performed with the PC. We must therefore:

  • Download the app MP3 Cutter; mp3 trim
  • Select the audio file of interest and open it through the App. Also in this case the trace will be displayed;
  • Make the cut;
  • Save and set as ringtone.

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