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How to create a hotspot on Android and share data via …

Your Android device has a function that allows other devices, such as other smartphones, tablets and PCs, to take advantage of its data connection to connect to the internet. In this regard, let's go together to find out what are all the steps to follow for create a hotspot on Android and share data via Wi-Fi or USB!

Configure hotspots on Android

To share the data connection from your Android smartphone to another device or PC, necessary first configure the Hotspot on your phone. What and how does it work? The Hotspot is a system through which the data connection of your phone is used by another device or a PC via a connection established between the two.

The data are always received on the smartphone and are retransmitted to the other device via Wi-Fi or USB signal. Remember that while you activate the Wi-Fi hotspot on your smartphone, any other Wi-Fi connection will be blocked because the phone's Wi-Fi device will be busy doing the hotspot.

To configure the Hotspot on Android:

  • Go to Settings, tap on the item Wireless and networks, then go to Tethering / portable hotspot. Within this menu you will find the item Portable Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • Touch "Set up Wi-Fi hotspot";How to create a hotspot on Android
  • This screen shows you the name of the Hotspot which generally corresponds to the model of your phone. Choose whether to change it and give it a custom name, or leave it;
  • Below you will find the type of encryption used to determine if you want to create an open connection type, or password protected. Typically, the voice “None”Corresponds to an open connection that anyone can connect to while on the WPA2 PSK encryption allows you to set a personalized security password;
  • Under encryption, if you have chosen WPA2, the line to enter the password is activated and finally, among the advanced options, you can choose the bandwidth, the transmission channel and the maximum number of connections allowed. The latter item is very useful if you want to be the only one who can connect to the Hotspot;
  • After setting everything according to your needs, tap Save to confirm the changes.

Create a Wi-Fi bridge on Android

If your smartphone connected to a Wi-Fi network, the moment you activate the Hotspot this causes you to lose the connection to the network. If you want to share the Wi-Fi connection with other devices, you can use the Wi-Fi Bridge function.

  • Go to Settings, tap on the item Wireless and networks, then Tethering / portable hotspot;
  • If your smartphone connected to a Wi-Fi network, in the Wi-Fi Bridge row you should see the name of the network and, by moving the switch to On, your phone will bridge to another device.

Share data via USB on Android

If you prefer a cable connection to the Hotspot, you can choose to share data via USB:

  • Go to Settings, tap Wireless & networks, then tap Portable tethering / hotspot. Make sure that your phone has an active data connection and that it is connected to the PC via USB;
  • Now activate the USB Sharing switch. The PC will immediately detect the connection.

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