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How to control Google Chromecast with the TV remote control | Guide

A must-have gadget for every self-respecting geek, Google Chromecast one of the best tools to stream video on TVs equipped with an HDMI connector. The device, which can be purchased at a low cost of 39, allows you to play videos, images and whatever is displayed on computers connected to the local network or on compatible smartphones and tablets on TV. But did you know that it can also be controlled with your TV remote control? Let's find out how!

Control Google Chromecast with the remote control with HDMI-CEC

From firmware 27946 introduced some time ago, you can control Google Chromecast using the classic TV remote control, as long as the TV is fully compatible with the protocol HDMI-CEC (HDMI Consumer Electronics Control).

HDMI-CEC "width =" 700 "height =" 300 "srcset =" 700w, files / 2020/02 / HDMI-CEC-696x298.jpg 696w "sizes =" (max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px "/> The HDMI-CEC protocol now supported on most modern TVs</figure><p>HDMI-CEC available on most modern televisions, but older models may not support it. To complicate matters further, many manufacturers have given him a different name. Here is a short list of some of the most popular brands and their nicknames for the HDMI-CEC protocol:</p><ul><li><strong>AOC:</strong> E-link</li><li><strong>Hitachi:</strong> HDMI-CEC</li><li><strong>Insignia:</strong> inlink</li><li><strong>LG:</strong> SimpLink</li><li><strong>Mitsubishi:</strong> NetCommand for HDMI, Realink for HDMI</li><li><strong>Onkyo:</strong> RIHD (Remote Interactive for HDMI)</li><li><strong>Panasonic:</strong> Viera Link, HDAVI Control, EZ-Sync</li><li><strong>Philips:</strong> EasyLink, Fun-Link</li><li><strong>Pioneer:</strong> Kuro Link</li><li><strong>Samsung:</strong> Anynet +</li><li><strong>Sharp:</strong> Aquos Link</li><li><strong>Sony:</strong> Bravia Link, Bravia Sync, Control for HDMI</li><li><strong>Toshiba:</strong> CE-Link, Regza Link</li><li><strong>Vice:</strong> CEC</li></ul><p>To start using the TV remote control to control your Chromecast, you must first enable the aforementioned protocol. Just find the option to activate HDMI-CEC in the TV settings. Generally <strong>off by default</strong>, but once Chromecast is enabled it will automatically accept certain commands from the TV remote control.</p><p><span style=But be careful: support for this protocol limited to only two actions: pause and playback. Although the HDMI-CEC protocol allows complete control of the deck (fast forward, rewind, etc.), Chromecast leaves room only for the two commands just mentioned. Despite this, there is a possibility that support for other commands will be added in the future.

Alternatives to Google Chromecast

If you find it restricting to have access only to the commands mentioned above, you can consider purchasing a Android TV box. These are devices that can provide a complete streaming experience, and are equipped with a dedicated remote control.

Nvidia Shield TV

Among the best options on the market figure Nvidia Shield TV, which comes with a remote control and the ability to play locally or via the cloud with GeForce Now. Another alternative Mi Box S from Xiaomi, which is significantly cheaper at just $ 69 and still supports 4K output.

Xiaomi Mi Box S

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