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Happy birthday Macintosh: 30 years and don't hear them


Happy birthday Macintosh: 30 years and don't hear them

Well yes, 30 years have already passed, when on January 24, 1984, a very young Steve Jobs presented the first Macintosh, that is the first computer for the consumer segment.

With a grand presentation, the first message written by a Macintosh to the public was a simple Hello and a long way since then. That small screen leaves everyone speechless, a computer with a graphical interface at an affordable price for the average consumer.

And to think that the very development of the first Macintosh caused Steve Jobs many problems in society that had to chase him away. Born from an idea in the late 70s from a Xerox developer project, while Apple sold Apple I and Apple II threw himself headlong into the design of the first computer with a graphical interface and in 1983 it was presented Apple Lisa, the name of the first daughter of Jobs, but did not have a large following also given the very high price of almost 10,000 dollars.

While Jobs had been dismissed from Apple a few years earlier, he was called to orders since Apple was not sailing in calm waters, and from there there was the real take-off of the Macintosh project.

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In the original project, the Macintosh should have seen the installation of a Motorola 6809 processor, a chip that is not suitable for supporting a graphical interface. The goal was not to exceed $ 1,000, but Jobs insisted on using one instead Motorola 68000, so as to be able to remove Raskin from the division thanks also to the providential intervention of the CEO Michael Scott. Having obtained the desired processor, the late iCEO also managed to double the RAM compared to market standards, 128k instead of 64, and to develop the first full operating system of GUI, the progenitor of what will later become the Classic.

Sold for $ 2,495, the first Macintosh featured a compact all-in-one design, complete with a 3.5-inch floppy disk player, against the 5 widely used among competitors. The integrated monochrome screen, 9 inches in size, also saw the introduction of the first high resolution, 512342 pixels, thus imposing the 72 ppi standard still widely used today. On the back all the proprietary connectors for keyboard, mouse and third peripherals, specially differentiated in the shapes so that the consumer was not mistaken in the connection.

In short, since then Apple has come a long way and always ready to innovate, innovate and innovate.

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