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Guards and Thieves: acrobatic escapes with burglary on iPhone and touch

Guards and Thieves: acrobatic escapes with burglary on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

With Guards and Thieves we can choose to take the role of a thief or a thief whose main objective is to escape to reach a pre-established point on the game screen, avoiding the police forces scattered everywhere. The game entirely made in 3D graphics and represents buildings, streets, alleys and roofs that we can use to our advantage to perform spectacular evasive maneuvers. From the roof of a building we cling to the light pylon, from here we slide to the sidewalk to continue the escape with somersaults, jumps and so on. Fortunately, the player does not need to memorize dozens of different combinations for each stunt: the thief's movement controlled with the accelerometer while for various jumps and acrobatics just touch the touch-sensitive screen with a finger. A choice that greatly simplifies the style of the game and that in fact makes it a pure action title and platforms.

In addition to carefully avoiding the police, in our acrobatic escape it is necessary to recover the spoils scattered throughout the game. When we reach our destination, a mini-game of skill awaits us in which we must maneuver the various elements of a lock that will allow us to break the safe and recover a large diamond. Three challenges per level and a total of 9 levels: when we have completed the game it is possible to replay in the role of the policeman who will chase our ghost, that is a thief who performs by thread and by sign all that we have previously done in the role of the thug.

Guards and Thieves works on iPhone and touch with Firmware 2.2: offered at a price of 2.39 euros starting from this App Store page. In addition to the images below, we insert a YouTube movie with the game action.

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