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Google will show reviews of restaurants from the most prestigious newspapers

Google has announced an interesting change that will involve search results for restaurants in various cities: in addition to user reviews, Google will show restaurant results and reviews from authoritative sources, such as industry newspapers or prestigious sites.

The new feature will only be available on the mobile app: by searching for a restaurant or a specific type of restaurant, Google will show "reviews from the best critics and lists of articles from the most authoritative publishers".

Among the latter are cited for example the Michelin guide, Zagat, Eater, Serious Eat and other items that can be useful to a potential tourist but also to locals, such as "the 10 best restaurants to eat in New York" or "where to eat the best dumplings in New York "and so on.

This is an interesting change for Google: in addition to showing the so-called "popular" results that derive from the reviews published on Google Maps, Mountain View wants to give voice and immediate access to sources usually considered more authoritative, which could give a different and different judgment what are the best destinations for a tourist or a local if you are looking for a specific restaurant to eat in.

For the moment the news for restaurant reviews concerns only the US market but in the future it could also go elsewhere.

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