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Google Sounds: the new Big G app that offers several …

This month, one brand new app for Android baked directly from Big G, render easier to change the ringtone of your smartphone and despite the appearance and the appearance of the interface deceive, the application will be more than a simple Google Play version of the menu sounds already present in the settings, since it will offer a varied catalog that offers different types of shades.

Sounds: the Google app specifically dedicated to ringtones

The new app Google Sounds, despite being particularly designed for Pixels, sar available for all recent Android devices, while its compatibility seems not to be assured for older devices. As briefly mentioned before, the new app, more than a simple re-proposition of the relative and analogous men for the ringtones on the phone settings, a new tool that will provide a new interface to configure all the alarm sounds device.

In this way, Google Sounds will be able to introduce new and unpublished ringtones on Android, without necessarily updating the firmware. For those who will have access to the new app, this will amplify the capabilities and depth of the audio interface of the Android settings, providing catalogs of different tonal types, from which to choose different varieties of ringtones, including classic harmonies, minimal melodies, retro ringtones and more.

At present, the new Google Sounds app seems to have been installed in new Pixels, but immediately removed later from the Play Store, which suggests that this has yet to be completed before its actual release, which will happen to coincide with the December security patch on Pixels and on all Android devices.

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