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Google Maps: 5 tips and tricks to make the best use of it

On your every trip Google Maps an instrument that if used properly can prove miraculous. There are many functions that are not well known, such as downloading a map and using it offline, setting stops along the way, finding the best place to park and seeing what the place of arrival looks like even before reaching it.

5 tricks to use Google Maps at its best

Incognito browsing mode

For Android users there is a new function that allows them to travel incognito, hiding your position from other users of the app.

  • Open the Google Maps app, touch the icon of your profile at the top right and select the option Enable incognito browsing mode.

Google Maps incognito mode

The same procedure can be performed to disable this option. This function is useful if you don't want to make your next trips known, for example if you want to surprise your girlfriend … Or you want to hide them where you are going.

Offline map mode

Google Maps is an almost foolproof app, except when your phone loses the signal and even if you do it on purpose (or maybe it does) it always happens at the least opportune moment. To work around this problem, Google Maps allows you to download your route in full and in advanceso you don't have to worry about getting lost.

  • Set the destination on Maps, touch the name of the place or the address at the bottom of the screen;
  • Open the menu through the three dots, touch “Download offline map", therefore "Download".

Plan route with stops

Google doesn't consider the stops you intend to make along your route, that's why it would initially take 3 hours for your trip, but then it takes 4 hours. set stops on Google Maps to get a more precise arrival time.

Google Maps route stops

  • Open the app, set your first destination, like an autogrill for example;
  • Touch directions; open the menu using the three dots at the top right;
  • Touch Add stop and repeat the operation for each stop you wish to add and finally press "Done".

Find parking areas

Knowing in advance where you can park is very useful, especially when you are already late on the roadmap. If you need to reach your destination quickly and don't want to waste time looking for parking and turning hours with your car, use Google Maps for directions on where to park.

  • In Google Maps set your location;
  • Touch "Directions"; an icon P is displayed next to the estimated arrival time; press the P and if this red means that it will be difficult to find parking, while the blue indicates good chances of finding a place.
  • You can also find parking areas by selecting the item “Find parking“, They will be indicated to you directly from Google Maps starting from those closest to your destination.

Inspection of the destination

In Maps, look for a place you want to go to, such as a hotel or restaurant; at the bottom right there is a small window with a photo of the building. Touching it opens it and shows you the large image of the place and the surrounding area.

You are now a master at using Google Maps and you can use it as a professional navigation tool

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