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Google launches Camera Go: the photo sector is also of a high standard on entry-level

Google has introduced a new app Go room for Android Go phones. This new app will be implemented for the first time on the Nokia 1.3 just launched by the Finnish company. The phone will also arrive in the Italian market, but not before the month of May: the price set by Nokia of 95 euros.

google camera go

The app offers a simple and clean interface, easy to understand and use. There are functions like the Portrait mode which offer good quality final results and which is normally found on medium-high and top-of-the-range phones. The Camera Go application will be available in 28 countries at launch, and will be practically integrated into the camera module of the phone: therefore, it is not a simple photo filter.

Why did Google choose to launch Camera Go? BigG wanted to listen to the requests received from the many owners of entry-level smartphones, who asked for the possibility of being able to take advantage of a photo compartment with good functionality despite having a "modest" phone. Basically what happens with Android Go, the famous Google program that allows low-end smartphone to obtain a "lighter" version of the green robot. On the other hand, as reported by the same giant of Mountain View, Android Go available on over 1,600 device models and active in over 180 countries: a "growing" response, which probably pushed Google to also launch Camera Go.

In addition to the new app, Google has also introduced a number of features for the privacy of users. For example, it has been made official a new mode in Google Go which allows people to search without being saved on their account. Additionally, Gallery Go now leverages machine learning on the device to help people organize photos without ever sending data to the cloud.

Source Gadgets360