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Gik Blue Wine, the first blue wine in history is bought online

It's called Gik and the name of the first blue wine ever made, sold online on the official website of the homonymous company. If it is true that wine is good blood, Gik will be able to inject "blue" blood into the veins of all the most curious: born almost as a joke, it is the first wine in the world with a blue color and tone, produced and produced by Spanish startup of the same name.

Gik produced using grapes produced in different parts of Spain and France; the particular blue color due not to the grapes but more to the preparation methods. IlGik produced through a pigmentation process: firstly, a base of blends of red and white grapes is created, to which two organic pigments, indigo and anthocyanins, are added, both of which come from the skin of the grapes used to make the wine.

Gik has spent the last two years engaged in research, in collaboration with the research departments of the University of the Basque Country and Food Tech; the quality controls are rigorous and all the elements used comply with the regulations for food products in the European Union.

With an alcohol content of 11.5, the Gik can be purchased online on the official website, but unfortunately at the moment the packs of six, three and nine bottles are exhausted and it will be necessary to wait to be able to buy the exclusive blue wine again.

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