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Geneva Classic Walnut: high technology, Hi-Fi audio and retro style for iPod

Geneva Classic Walnut: high technology, Hi-Fi audio and retro style for iPod – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Entirely made of fine cherry wood, the same used for the construction of musical instruments, the Geneva Classic Walnut sound system unique in both appearance and technical specifications. The minimalist design with a touch of retro ', from the audio point of view instead integrates cutting-edge solutions that promise to offer enveloping power and sound, without having to resort to numerous speakers scattered around the room.

To ensure perfect audio performance, the technicians of the GenevaLab laboratories have consulted the masters of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The result is the patented EmbracingSound technology which, according to the manufacturer, is able to offer enveloping sounds and the orchestra effect obtained with a unique sound source.

Geneva equipped with a CD player that can also read CD-Rs and rewritable, integrates the FM radio and a Dock connection housing compatible with all iPod models. It is equipped with an outlet for iPod video, iPod nano and iPod photo, it can also be used via the online input with computers, consoles, DVD players and so on. The power output of 600 watts: for more information, refer to the Sounders website which distributes it exclusively. Geneva Sound System Walnut available at a price of 1,399 euros.

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