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Game market boom

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All the IT sectors have suffered a major blow since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. All except video games, perhaps due to the accentuation of the tendency to limit its public activities, perhaps due to the boost given to the sector by giants such as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, the videogames market has made great strides in recent months. During 2001 the segment, according to NPD Intellect, grew by 39% with record peaks during the Christmas holidays in the USA.The best-selling game was Grand Theft Auto 3 for PlayStation with almost 2 million pieces in just three months. that for not only the console market to benefit from this trend NPD underlines that the turnover of PC games passed from 5.4 billion dollars to 6 billion dollars during 2001. Among the PC games the best selling was The Sims with 2.6 million copies in two years and also available for Mac. Nintendo continues to dominate the market for portable mini-consoles. Game Boy units sold were reported to increase by 22% from 2000 to 2001 with accessories growing by 26% in units and 47% in turnover. According to NPD, 2002 should confirm the growth of the sector with an increase in the popularity of online and internet based games.

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