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From Prime Video culinary TV series to your table with Amazon

Amazon has announced the release of a series of Prime Video shows on Japanese cuisine, an initiative in which to allow spectator users to purchase the products shown during the shows with a simple click within the app.

As reported by Nikkei, the shows are produced as part of a series of shows created with the entertainment group Yoshimoto Kogyo; the first show will feature the comic duo Taka and Toshi and show the food and typical food of the Hokkaido area.

The shows will be available exclusively for Amazon's Prime Video streaming service, and viewers who have already recorded their payment information and delivery address will be able to purchase the products immediately, using the 1-Click function, at the same how it is used on the Amazon site.

Four shows of about 40 minutes duration will be made, and will be made available in the autumn in "some foreign locations", as well as obviously in Japan.

By allowing viewers to purchase products within Amazon's shows, the e-commerce giant may have found a more direct way to entertain its users and at the same time feed the shopping flow to its e-commerce, making his Prime Video service is profitable and profitable after the monthly subscription.