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France: Orange announces the sale of 1 million iPhones

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According to various sources and unofficial statistics, France represents one of the hottest European markets when it comes to iPhone, since its appearance dating back to November 2007. The official confirmation comes today through a communication from the operator Orange announcing that it has sold overall 1 million smartphones. The remarkable milestone and takes into account both the sold pieces of the first Edge model, and iPhone 3G. In addition to the substantial sales, another fundamental detail represented as always by the flow of traffic and the expenses incurred by Orange customers.

It is estimated that the average monthly expenditure of an iPhone user is 86 euros, practically double the monthly average of users of any other mobile phone. It should also be remembered that Orange's success comes a few months after the free iPhone marketing imposed by the French Antitrust Commission. The latter in December had suspended the exclusivity stipulated between Apple and Orange for the marketing of the iPhone. Subsequently, from April, the operators SFR and Bouygues began to offer iPhones with purchase packages and subscription rates in competition with the former exclusive agent.

The SFR operator who started offering iPhone starting from April 8, 2009 announced a target of 800 thousand pieces sold within this year, while Bouygues, the company that gave rise to the anti trust proceeding with a complaint, did not communicate your sales goals.

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