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Four accessories to not burn your legs with the laptop

Do you like working or surfing on the sofa or in bed with your laptop resting on your legs, perhaps without getting burned? Even if the laptop was born for these needs, the summer season has some contraindications and using a normal pillow could be counterproductive for the further overheating of the device while a tray or a flat but non-insulating surface would only partially solve the problem.

Here are simple and inexpensive solutions to work or have fun with your laptop without problems even on the hottest days of the summer, when not only your modem / router suffers from the heat: remember that the rash caused by contact with a high temperature surface can have consequences even serious on the skin of your legs and scientific studies have shown that prolonged use of the laptop in a laptop position can lead, in boys, to fertility problems due to the high temperature in the scrotal area and the related spermatogenesis problems.

But how did a laptop stand that works even in summer? Forget the models with the fans that were born to be placed on tables and the fans extract the heat from the bottom of the laptop and would transmit it to the lower limbs and moreover the opposite surface to that of support usually open or perforated to help dissipation and it would leave unseemly marks on your legs if you wear very short shorts.

The ideal support has a rigid upper surface usually in non-slip thermoplastic or with an element that blocks the sliding of the laptop and, immediately below, a more or less rigid padding that allows on one side thermal insulation and on the other side the adaptation to the curves of your legs to better distribute the weight.

We have tried several and we recommend the easiest ones to find and with a basic cost that starts from around 15 Euros and reaches up to 35. It does not make sense to spend more because the principle of operation and practicality are the same.

4 models for not getting burned

The cheapest model we've tried (and the longest) Byllan of Ikea that despite having a rounded shape convenient for large laptops and has a convenient carrying handle. The non-slip upper surface and the fabric part can be removed and washed in the washing machine. Available in Black and gray and White / Fantasy.

The cost to the public of 14.99 Euros.

It can be purchased both online and at the various Ikea stores.

ikea so as not to burn your legs with the laptop

For a few euros more (two) and for loyal Amazon customers there is the basic model of Relaxdays which also has a palm rest for those who use the pillow with the keyboard slightly inclined on the legs.

It is available in a nice blue color, has a handle and a nice wide support surface: the padding is a little basic but the insulating effect guaranteed

The cost to the public of 16.99 Euros (with free shipping for orders over 29 Euros)

Relaxdays Notebook Stand, Padded Plastic, Blue

Screenshot 2016-07-11 13.42.01

A step forward from the design point of view we do it with the Belkin Cushdesk which does not have a palm rest but a non-slip front bar and a wedge shape. Here the finishes are more elegant and a more elegant solution than the previous ones to carry with you in your backpack to write and work even on a bus or in the rear seats of a car.

It is located at several retailers in the area but also on Amazon with a public cost of 19.99 Euros (with free shipping for orders over 29 Euros).

Belkin F8N143Eaksg Cushdesk Notebook Stand, Black

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