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Food Ink is the restaurant where everything from food to chairs is 3D printed

Food Ink is the name of the first restaurant project where everything is done with a 3D printer. And when we say everything we mean everything: from chairs to food itself, through glasses, serving dishes and cutlery. Opened in London, Food Ink describes itself as a project: not in fact a traditional restaurant but a pop-up restaurant, which will offer other time-limited openings in other cities as well.

"Food Ink a unique gourmet experience in which all food, all utensils and all furniture are completely produced in 3D printing in an engaging futuristic space" reads the official website "We are a series of conceptual cenepop-ups in which the good food meets the art, philosophy and technologies of tomorrow ".

food ink

Different types of printers are used to print the various objects, including the Italian Waspper glasses and plates, and the 3D By Flow, the latter assigned to food printing thanks to its technology capable of modeling even atypical materials, in this case food materials.

Specifically, the food dishes made by Food Ink are made by mixing creamy ingredients and / or mousse products, then mixing them with typical elements of pastry, such as the Agar Agar, a sort of vegetable gelatine indispensable in this case to give body and solidity to printed food.

The Food Ink concept will carry out a tour around the world, proposing its innovative and technological formula for the whole globe, also touching Italy: it seems that October the 3D printed food restaurant will also arrive in Rome.

food ink