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Facebook Messenger: the swipe to reply to the aforementioned messages is on the way

In October, the Facebook company, owner of WhatsApp, had granted users of the latter platform the opportunity to reply to the messages mentioned through a swipe. A very useful feature that is missing right now on Facebook Messenger and to which the company is working to extend this functionality to it, which is indispensable in frequent discussions.

The swipe to reply to messages finally arrives also on Facebook Messenger

Thanks to the swipe reply function, it will also be possible on Facebook Messenger scroll through a message of our interlocutor to the right, to quote and respond, in a similar way to what is already possible on WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger

However, the Facebook Messenger app also adds indication on the top of the answer, so as to show who replied to that message, especially useful in group conversations.

It appears that the new feature will be activated on Facebook Messenger via server, since even using the latest beta version you are not yet able to use it. It is not yet clear how long the development team will take before releasing the new functionality to global users, on which at least this time, Android users will not have a lower priority.

Facebook Messenger

In all likelihood the new feature will be activated in the short termtherefore all that remains is to wait. After recently getting the dark theme and other small additions, another recent update on Facebook Messenger now allows you to watch a friend's story directly from the conversation window, avoiding in some cases returning to the app home page.

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