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European tax on incoming non-EU software and services.

European tax on incoming non-EU software and services. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Yesterday the EU approved a law, valid from next summer, which will impose a tax to use digital content from countries outside Europe. A regulation which, in the intentions of Brussels, tends to further develop the European market (by protectionism? The tax will be applicable only to transfers to private individuals (currently quantified around 10% of the total), the so-called business-to-business will not be affected.Claudio Murri, of the European branch of the giant EDS believes that the new legislation is discriminatory Obviously harsh comments come from the US, Kenneth Dam undersecretary of the US Treasury Department says: "a unilateral measure and could cause other unilateral measures because you did not want to wait for a global decision"; Harris Miller, president of ITAA – Information Technology Association of America, which brings together 500 US brands, increases the dose: "the European market could be closed for the US". Other representatives of the Bush administration come to say that it is a legislation that could break the rules of the WTO – World Trade Organization. On the contrary, the Spanish minister Rodrigo Rato, who presides over the EU in this period, said: "This is an important decision, especially in bringing new technologies into the European economy ".

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