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EasyAcc bluetooth speaker review, 20 hours of autonomy between music and telephone conversations

In the now crowded panorama of portable bluetooth speakers, EasyAcc tries again with a compact model, which looks like a small cube, particularly light, with hands-free functions, for hands-free telephone conversations. Similar to many others, you can buy it on Amazon at a price of 25.99 euros.

The standard sales package contains a charging cable and an AUX cable for a physical connection with devices that do not support Bluetooth. No surprise, but after all the low cost certainly does not allow you to add accessories, such as carrying cases. The case in s comes with really reduced sizes and weight; it is held in the hand without any difficulty and can be carried in any backpack, or in a bag, without problems. The materials are not particularly precious, but the opaque plastics used do not have any creaking whatsoever and overall the peripheral is well assembled. Aesthetically it is quite elegant, minimal and not too bulky: it looks good on any desk, even next to a Macbook or any Windows laptop. While a perforated bezel is clearly visible on the front, the control keypad is positioned on the upper part: play button, volume buttons and answer button for incoming calls on the smartphone. On the back, however, hidden from view, the power button and the charging MicroUSB input.

EasyAcc bluetooth speaker

How does it work

The bluetooth connection with PC, Mac and iOS devices, Android and Windows Phone did not give us any problems during our tests: the pairing always resulted immediately and after the first pairing the device was always automatically connected to the smartphone or PC of round. As for sound, the EasyAcc speaker in question certainly does not shine in quality; the rest could not be otherwise, since we are talking about a 25 euro accessory. The normal volume, sufficient, but not very high, while the sound is a little cold. The bass is almost absent, which is perceived with difficulty, while it is a little better on the medium-high range. Overall, for those who do not have high-level demands, the EasyAcc speaker allows enjoyable and catchy listening: the classic peripheral suitable for impromptu parties, perhaps for a picnic in the countryside. During music reproduction, the singers' voice is always perfectly recognizable and listenable, but the sound background is a bit cold and not too deep.

EasyAcc bluetooth speaker

The reason for choosing this speaker, compared to others of the same price range, in the presence of the microphone, which allows you to make telephone conversations. The position of the microphone on the upper part of the speaker is intelligent, so much so that the interlocutor has always told us to hear a rather acceptable voice: also in this case the quality is not excellent, but it is a functional instrument, which avoids being with the smartphone in the ear for hours and hours. Suitable, therefore, for those who talk a lot on their cell phones.

Autonomy also represents a point in favor of the EasyAcc case: the 2600 mAh battery ensures, according to the information provided by the same manufacturer, 20 hours of continuous playback, with a charge of about 3 and a half hours. Also from this point of view, therefore, it is a data that surpasses many other peripherals belonging to the same price range.

Pay attention to the wording on Amazon, which could be misleading: the cube in question does not have the FM Radio function.


The EasyAcc speaker under test proved honest for the price at which it is offered: we did not expect anything more. An acceptable sound, not excellent, which allows to amplify the volume of a song playing on smartphone, suitable for improvised parties or summer picnics. On the other hand, the hands-free function is pleasant: positioned on a desk, the cube in question allows you to make conversations in hands-free mode.

It costs 25.99 euros on Amazon and can be purchased directly from here.


  • Hands-free function
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Compact and transportable
  • Autonomy


  • Volume not too high
  • It has no FM radio