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Download all applications and games for free directly from the App Store with AppShape


[Cydia] AppShape, we download all the applications for free directly from the App Store

Today I mark you a really incredible tweak for your iPhone, iPod and iPad. It's called AppShape and allows you to download any app, game and program for free from the App Store, even for a fee.

Yes, you got it right: with AppShape you can download any program in the App Store for free. The only thing you need the jailbreak. And now let's see how it works and what AppShape offers, the tweak to download free games and programs from the App Store.

appshape "src =" "width =" 600 "height =" 300 "/></p><p style=In recent times we haveor proposed several articles that allow you to understand how to download games, applications and programs for free from the App Store on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. There are guides that allow you to download free programs directly on iPhone, iPod and iPad, others that require the use of a PC or Mac.

Today's, however, probably the simplest, fastest and most immediate one to follow.AppShape, in fact, a tweak to download for free from Cydia that will allow you to download applications, games and programs for free on your iPhone, iPod and iPad directly from the App Store. How is all this possible? Let's find out in the matching lines.

AppShape a Cydia tweak developed by one of our compatriots,Marco Cristalli.The simple and ingenious operation of AppShape: thistweak which introduces the possibility of download free applications normally paid for without having to use alternative markets. How does? Simple: it makes a button appear directly in the App Store that allows you to download a certain application for free, which would normally be paid. Clicking on the AppShape button will start a search for the app in question, which will be downloaded for free to your iPhone, iPod and iPad.

To activate AppShape you simply have to go to the settings of your Apple device. DAfter having installed it, in fact, no new icons will appear inside the homescreen, in the settings there will be a tab dedicated to this tweak.In the system settings, to the tabAppShapeyou will have the possibility to enable the visualization of thepercentage of downloadsof applications and the presence or absence ofbuttonAppShapein the case of free applications.

Settings appshape

Once this is done, open the Apple App Store and try to navigate between the various paid applications: in the tabs relating to the various applications the button will appear, as if by magic,AppShape. Once pressed, the button will allow you to access a list of links through which you can proceed to download the .ipaof the game or program you want to download for free.

In the list that will be shown to you by AppShapetroverete the top leftversion of the appavailable for download, while the various links will appear at the bottom, divided according to the sites that make them available. In essence, therefore, AppShape allows you to search for all the sites that host the download of the application you want to download. It is, therefore, a sort of Google of the IPA applications for iPhone, iPod and iPad, with the advantage that you can download and install directly from your Apple device, without going through PC or Mac and therefore without necessarily being tied to iTunes. Comfortable, right?

I point out that, to perform the search, this tweak refers to all the most well-known portals, such as AppCake, AppAddict, IPA-Planet.

Thanks to AppApphape you can download all the applications available in the AppStore for free. The advice of course is to regularly buy the programs and apps that you like to support developers. It is useless to remember, in fact, that free download of programs that would normally be absolutely illegal and prohibited for a fee! Take responsibility for what you do, the guide is for illustrative purposes only and to let you know the existence of a new tweak for Cydia.

Obviously to proceed with the installation of the various applications it will be necessary to install the packageAppSync for iOS 7.

AppShape available for free in the BiteYourApple repository and can be considered a valid alternative to the AppAddict tweak.

If you try it, let us know what you think using the comments.


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