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DCS-8200LH is the D-Link HD camcorder with 180 ° panoramic view

If IP-based surveillance cameras are no longer enough for you in terms of resolution or size of the field of view, you can take a look at the new DCS-8200LH, part of the mydlink Home line, which can be controlled from smartphones and tablets via the free mydlink Home app and can interact with other D-Link Smart Home devices to compose a surveillance system smart, inexpensive and perfectly scalable.

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The Wide Eye 180 video camera allows full color, high definition (720p) video surveillance of a complete room, without the need to rotate the lens or install multiple cameras in the same environment to obtain satisfactory coverage. The DCS-8200LH is also equipped with integrated infrared LEDs that ensure a view of up to 5 meters even in complete darkness, and anti-distortion technology that processes the captured images to prevent objects from being deformed from the 180 ° viewing angle. the camera in the reserved pavilion of the Mobile World Congress last March noting its compactness and a refined design compared to previous models.

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The camera can use a recording to detect noises or movements by saving the files directly on a MicroSD card (not included in the package) through the app it is possible to view the recordings in the local memory even remotely. Installing the DCS-8200LH is easy and daily use does not require the use of complex software, control hubs or extra costs such as subscription to services: only a Wi-Fi network and the mydlink Home app are needed.

As said, the DCS-8200LH HD panoramic video camera can be integrated into the mydlink Home smart home ecosystem and interact with other devices of the same family such as siren, flood detector, intrusion alarm for doors and windows: in this case, it will be necessary to purchase the dedicated hub which allows the simultaneous management of Wi-Fi and Z-wave peripherals (up to 10) with programmable interaction directly from smartphone. The camera allows color vision with 0.5 lux available or black and white night vision at 0 lux thanks to the IR LEDs. It is equipped with a microphone and a detection and noise sensor.

We remind you that the D-Link home automation system is also compatible with IFTTT.

The cost to the public of the only camera of 199 Euro including VAT is already available at Apple specialist stores, the large retail and also online on Amazon.

It is also possible to integrate it into the D-Link Security KIT which includes 1 HD DCS-935 video camera, a wi-fi hub + z-wave and a sensor for doors and windows for the price of 249