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Camera Go: Google announces the Camera app for Android

marzo 20, 2020

A simple and intuitive interface, being designed for people who use a smartphone for the first time

Googlehe announcedGo room, a new camera app dedicated only to entry-level devices with Android (Go Edition) operating system. The new Camera Go app has a simple and intuitive interface, being designed for people who use a smartphone for the first time. Google remains true to Android Go's goals by allowing users not to worry about storage space while using Camera Go. Lapp will monitor the remaining photo or video space and suggest ways to free it if necessary.

Even smartphones with limited features can feel like authentic camera-phones, not even giving up thePortrait modeso dear to more traditional cameras.

For the moment, the first and only device to have the exclusive application will beNokia 1.3,fresh from HMD. Then it will also cascade to other Android Go smartphones around the world.

Go room

The user interface, moreover, will not only be within everyone's reach but will enjoy excellent speed of execution of the various integrated functions. Apparently, Google has even added onePortrait modeto the new application, to ensure a depth of field in shots even on low-cost devices. The first Android Go device equipped with the new Camera Go app will be the Nokia 1.3 of HMD, available in April at the price of 105 euros.

“Google's new Camera Go app helps you take beautiful photos without worrying about speed or storage space. It has features like Portrait mode to give your photos a professional look by focusing on the subject. designed for people who use smartphones for the first time, so it has a clean and simple interface. And most importantly, Camera Go keeps track of the storage space of photos and videos you have left, so it helps you free up space so you never miss a shot. "