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Avantree Hydration review, the running belt with bottle holder

It is not always preferred to hang the smartphone on the arm during training sessions. In the past, we have seen how a forearm band can actually offer some extra comfort in some specific contexts.

But if you want to keep your arms completely free, then a fanny pack is probably the best solution and from this incipit comes our test of Avantree Hydration, a running belt that also goes well with other sports such as climbing, cycling or simple walks in the air open.

Avantree Hydration

Style and comfort in a unique solution

What is striking about Avantree Hydration is the particular composition of the band, represented by a small pocket to accommodate the smartphone (there is also space for the iPhone 6 Plus with a not too bulky cover attached) and a second opening that acts as a bottle holder. Everything is blocked at the waist through a practical strap that adjusts instantly every time you wear it.

The materials are excellent, starting with the sweat and rain resistant nylon fabric that covers the external pocket, closed by an anti-tear zipper and accompanied by a practical opening at an angle that guarantees the connection of a pair of headphones while maintaining the fully closed pocket. Inside the main pocket there is a secondary pocket, just enough to insert a credit card, a small bunch of keys (ours, consisting of 5 keys, fits perfectly), while on the external side there is a small tear opening that allows you to block a pair of rolled up headphones.

Avantree Hydration

The bottle holder for half in the same fabric of the pocket, while a good part represented by a thin breathable net that lightens the overall weight of the band while ensuring excellent resistance. There is an elastic close to the opening which keeps the bottle holder closed enough for a better grip on the bottle: the edge is further strengthened by a very rigid fabric frame.

The fabric that covers the inside of the band is very soft, perforated to ensure good skin respiration, even if something more could have been expected from our tests we will discuss later. Overall the band is very light, on our kitchen scale it touches 110 grams.

Our test in a long walk in the city

The sash is easy to put on and fits around the waist in seconds. Thanks to the intuitiveness of the system, which consists in passing the belt through a hook and then locking it to the extent that is most comfortable through the tear-off fabric. The very resistant system, we tried it in two different jogging sessions on very hot days and we particularly liked the speed with which it is possible to adjust the length of the belt based on the occasion. In the running moments, for example, we preferred it tighter around the waist, while in the strides at walking pace we loosened it by sliding it just above the pelvis.

Although the advertising images suggest letting the bottle slide on the back, nothing prevents you from keeping it on your side or changing the position of the band as you prefer. In fact, there is no mandatory way to wear it, just as you might decide to hang it over the shoulder by moving the bottle on your chest during a bicycle ride.

Avantree Hydration

As anticipated, the fabric is fairly breathable, but on the hottest summer days, such as those of our tests that took place around 14:00 with the sun peaking (about 37 degrees), it is inevitable to sweat more in the area where the band rests, even if at the end of each workout we were pleasantly impressed by the fact that the honeycomb structure does not absorb sweat, keeping the band practically dry.

If the smartphone, after starting the training session (or music playback) with your favorite app, will remain in an uneasy position (even if with Siri and the headphones connected the most common operations are easily managed even remotely), the bottle cage truly a must-have for those who want to have mineral salts or just a little water always at hand. The bottle or, as in our case, a common half-liter bottle, can be easily removed and slipped on, without requiring you to look towards the opening. Having gained confidence with the position, refreshment will be practically a matter of a moment.

Avantree Hydration


Who does not get along well with armbands or who is looking for a minimal pouch to run or simply walk, but also take a bike ride, then Avantree Hydration can be a valid alternative, especially if the main objective is to have a bottle or a bottle of water always at hand but without bothering. The weight is in fact well distributed and the position such as to guarantee movements completely free from any impediment.


– Light and minimal – Headphone hole – Bottle cage – Quite breathable despite splash resistance – Does not absorb sweat – Easy to adjust


– Nobody

Retail price

Avantree Hydration on sale on Amazon for 19.99 euros. It is available in two versions that differ in the length of the belt, 25-34 (63-86 centimeters) and 34-44 (86-112 centimeters).

Avantree Hydration