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Apple wireless headphones, registered Airpod brand?

Almost all the rumors that have appeared up to now on the net would like the absence of a 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7. The feedback that represents the test of the nine is missing, or if we want, the downside: the development from Apple part of EarPods replacement headphones, capable of interfacing with an iPhone without a standard jack connector. The confirmation does not seem to be very far away and the MacRumors editorial staff managed to reconnect the AirPod brand, already filed last October, to the Apple company.

Months ago, the patent application related to "AirPod" was filed by an unknown company, known only by the name Entertainment in Flight LLC. The hypotheses, already then, were that it was a team controlled by Apple anyway: for many, in short, the Cupertino company hid in disguise to operate in total anonymity and create Lightning or wireless headphones ready for the next iPhone. After all, Apple has already used companies that lend name on many previous occasions, such as the advent of "iPad" and "CarPlay".

Well, in the past few hours the MacRumors editorial staff managed to "nail" Apple, almost certainly approaching the project known with the Airpod. And in fact, the granting of the patent, continued with the usual revision of the Trademark Office, required additional documents, promptly filed by the company concerned: precisely in these latter papers is the proof that there is Apple behind the AirPod product.

Brown signature for AirPodBrown signature for AirPod

The new documents, which specify terms considered too generic by the relevant patent offices, were signed by Jonathan Brown, alleged "manager" of the Entertainment company in Flight LLC. While the rather common name Brown in the United States, the MacRumors editorial team found that the signature on AirPod documents coincides perfectly with that of the attorney Brown who defended the RAM manufacturer Rambus in a dispute before the United States courts. Well, from the LinkedIn page of the current lawyer Brown in force given Apple to read about his previous role of "Senior Litigation Counsel" at Rambus. There seems, therefore, to be no doubt that the "manager" Brown who signed the AirPod documents, is the same lawyer now working for the Cupertino company.

Brown case Rambus signature

Furthermore, the signature in the AirPod documents sounds like a sort of protection for the brand, as if it were a "declaration of use" to demonstrate that the name is actually used, and therefore prevent other companies from using the same name. It is clear, then, that Apple's renewed interest in the AirPod name is oriented towards a single possible solution: it is the wireless headphones, or Lightning, that the Apple will use on the iPhone 7 to remedy the removal of the 3 jack input, 5 mm.

The puzzle seems to be almost completely completed, although the official will only take place next September, when Cupertino is likely to unveil the new iOS smartphones.