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Apple limits purchases of iPhone and iPad Pro on the official website

Apple has limited the number of iPhone and iPad Pro purchasable through the official website: it is not possible to proceed with the order if there are more than two models of the same device. More in detail:

  • iPhone 11Pro and 11 ProMax are considered two distinct models (as well as iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9).
  • It is not enough to vary color and memory cut.
  • The limitation is limited to the iPhones and iPad Pros just presented, at least judging by a first, quick check.

Apple had imposed similar limitations in 2007, when the first generation of iPhones was launched, to prevent that some made money by selling them at inflated prices. According to a Canalys analyst contacted by Reuters, today's provision is justified by the same motivation. The reasoning is that, since all Apple Stores outside of China are temporarily closed, unscrupulous people could be encouraged to take advantage of the perceived shortage of Melafonini. For iPad, the question may be a little different: at the launch it is possible that the quantities are actually limited. Apple has not provided official clarifications, so we can only theorize.

In any case, at least for now and in our area, iPhones also circulate in abundance from other online retailersindeed, today there are numerous offers at very tempting prices for various models on Amazon and eBay.

Meantime, Bloomberg He says Apple's Chinese supply chain is slowly recovering from forced closures due to the coronavirus pandemic. Foxconn said it expects to be able to return to 100% of productivity by the end of the month, but it is only a piece of the puzzle: in fact, the company assembles parts that it must receive from other companies. All in all, it should take another month before everything returns to normal.

The advantage is that for the new generation iPhones, the danger of postponements seems to have escaped. Generally the production of new devices starts from May – and unless unexpected relapses, the health emergency should have completely stopped. However, it must also be considered that Apple's suppliers are not all in China: if the pandemic reaches other countries that are crucial for the production of certain components, things for Apple could get complicated.