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Apple in the US sells iPhones in its online store

Apple has now started selling the iPhone online in the US, directly from its Internet store.

The method by which Apple sells complex iPhone online, but this is due to the particularity with which the mobile phone is marketed in the United States where it is sold blocked on the AT&T network which also has the exclusive right to manage services. The customer concerned can receive iPhone at home only if he is not already a customer of the mobile operator and during the purchase procedure must also simultaneously subscribe a subscription with AT&T; otherwise, i.e. if an AT&T customer, he can buy an iPhone but must collect it from an Apple Store.

The choice to offer iPhone online probably has to do with the need to accelerate the sales of the current model in the near future of the WWDC which could mark some news for the new model. But there is also the possibility that the turning point, although linked to a contingent event, will be destined to persist by opening a new marketing channel which will remain open in the future, increasing visibility and sales opportunities on a permanent scale.

Moreover, in some countries, and among them Italy, there would be no technical problems in the US (or in the United Kingdom, the only other country outside the US where the "locked" iPhone is sold online on the Apple Store) . For Apple it would be enough to have the contractual possibility (dictated by the agreements with mobile operators) to open the window on its online store and the game would be done given that the version of the iPhone for our country is already freely available today in a fully unlocked version at a price whole. There would be no concern for contracts, nor the quibbles and complexities dictated by the operator block. That Apple is in the possibility of doing this operation and not rejecting it in principle, is demonstrated by the sale, starting from the end of last September, of the iPhone on the Apple online store in Hong Kong, one of the very few countries in the world that share with Italy the availability of a fully unlocked iPhone.

Recall that a few weeks ago Macity had collected rumors from sources believed to be reliable of a change in strategy for the marketing of the iPhone with the launch, in fact, also in online stores. According to what we were told at the time, the policy would also have affected (but not only) our country and expected the involvement of mobile operators. The pieces of the puzzle, although still far from completing the picture that could eventually be different, are about to settle down: a few days ago Tim revised the rates, now iPhone arrives on the Apple Store USA. All that remains is to wait a few more days or, perhaps, the launch of the new iPhone to understand what the situation will be when fully operational.