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Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are more dangerous than alcohol Study

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems can be more dangerous than alcohol while driving. Certainly a "very strong" statement that comes from one IAM RoadSmart study, an English road safety organization. However, what emerges from this research is interesting and however drastic the conclusion, there is certainly a lot of truth.

Technology is entering in an increasingly massive way inside the cars. But if infotainment systems in the past they were very rough and did not allow many operations, today's ones are real mini computers that allow you to perform many activities. According to what emerges from the study, the use of the touch interface of the Apple and Google platforms increases reaction times of drivers. The increase is greater than that obtained by driving drunk, under the influence of cannabis or while talking on the phone.

Going into the details, the study found that drivers they took their eyes off the road for as long as 16 seconds when they used both systems. At a speed of 112 km / h they are more than 500 meters. This research also showed that driving under the influence of alcohol causes an increase in reaction times by 12%. Cannabis users, on the other hand, have 21% slower reaction times. Reaction time that worsens by 35% by sending an SMS or 46% by talking on a cell phone.

Using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay has seen reaction times increase 53% and 57% respectively. It is not much better using voice commands. In this scenario, reaction times worsened by 30% and 36%. These "distractions" result in that to adversely affect downtime car.

A research that therefore highlights some important data, although in the end not entirely unpublished. There too much technology in the car can be distracting, and that's why many auto manufacturers inhibit touch operation while driving. However, however much technology may improve, it is not said that it cannot continue to be a source of distraction.