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Apple 4.3% of laptops

Apple 4.3% of laptops – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple 4.3% of the laptop market. This is the data that results from an investigation carried out by the online tabloid The Register in conjunction with the specialized site Tom's Hardware and a market investigation company, Metafacts. The data, although to be taken with the benefit of inventory given the limited sample and the methodology of the survey, of some interest and appears close to the reality of the general market. In the first place among the preferred brands there is Dell, with 20%, IBM and Toshiba rank second and third with the 16 and the 11% of the market. Compaq fourth and Sony fifth. HP ranks sixth with 5.1% of preferences and seventh, in fact, Apple followed by Fujitsu Siemens at 4.0%. It should be noted that Dell's popularity is very high even among those who own other brands. As many as 31% say they would buy a Dell if they changed cars. The notoriety of Sony, which enjoys a reputation as an innovator as opposed to Dell and Compaq, is extremely high. The highest degree of satisfaction in The Register's survey is assigned to IBM, followed by Dell and Toshiba.

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