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Adobe and the Mac, continuous commitment

Adobe and the Mac, continuous commitment – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The market of "home-made" DVDs is one of the most interesting, so much so that Adobe at the end of December agreed with Sonic Solution to acquire the right technologies to enter this sector still discovered for Adobe. From England, news arrives that a preliminary version of Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen said this during the 2003 release of this product. We remember that the Adobe DVD authoring application may never get to the Mac. In recent weeks, some of the company's representatives have stressed that they are still evaluating the possibility of bringing the package to our platform. The reasons for the indecision are determined by the fact that Apple already has two packages for the DVD. One even free, iDVD and a second that instead of a fee. Adobe probably doesn't feel confident that it can compete on the same level as AppleChizen has also added other details on programs of particular importance, including Photoshop for Mac OS X which may be ready for June. Adobe's commitment to Mac, in every chance, it will not fade nor wane. The reason soon said: the Mac sector represents 27% of the total earnings for the San Jos company.

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