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Zoom against Skype, which is the best software for multiple video calls and video conferences?

The health emergency which is bringing the country to its knees and which does not allow normal play and work activities is now sadly known. Many then equipped themselves for smart working and when it comes to video conferencing Zoom and Skype are among the best solutions to choose from. In this article we compare them to understand their functionality, differences and similarities.


Of the two, the probably best known and most used solution is Skype. It is what we could call the most consumer solution. It is a well-known app for calls and instant messaging from Microsoft. The app compatible with Android and iOS, Windows, iPadOS, web browsers, Alexa and Xbox. Practically there is no platform that connects to the network that cannot perform it. Skype offers multiple subscription plans for traditional calls to mobile and landline numbers, while totally free when used as an instant messaging app, or for calls and video calls over the network.

In addition to being free up to a certain level, Skype is a tool widely used in the workplace, if only because manages up to 50 people in a single video call, which can come in handy for business meetings. The app allows you to record calls in case someone is not present at the meeting, so that you can view their content later. Accessibility features also include those for captions and subtitles. Skype also offers functionality of file sharing, Caller ID, voicemail, a split view mode to keep conversations separate and share the screen on your smartphone.

It is possible to download Skype for desktop directly from this page, while on the App Store it is free here, and on Google Play at this address. Whichever platform you choose, you must create an account before you can use it. Note that it is sufficient to have a Microsoft email account, such as outlook or hotmail, to be able to access the service.

Zoom versus Skype, what better video conferencing software?

Operation soon said: to make a call, simply open your profile and click on a new chat. It is possible to choose group chat, new chat or new private conversation. Whichever option you choose, you can type the name in the search bar to find your friends and family, and add them to your address book. Within each screen, in addition to chatting in text mode, it will be possible to initiate a call or a video call by pressing the respective phone and video call icons.

Zoom versus Skype, what better video conferencing software?


The Zoom video conferencing app available on fewer platforms than Skype, and to be exact on Android, iOS, PC and Mac. The app offers a free basic plan that allows you to host up to 100 participants and for a duration of 40 minutes, therefore twice that of Skype. There are also options for small and medium-sized teams ($ 15-20 per month per host) and large companies per 20 per month per host, with a minimum of 50 hosts. You can adjust meeting times and select multiple hosts. With plans a payment of up to 1,000 users can participate in a single Zoom video call, and on the screen they can up to 49 videos simultaneously.

The app has HD audio and video features, collaboration tools such as simultaneous screen sharing and co-annotation, as well as the ability to record meetings and generate transcripts. Apps like Outlook, Gmail and iCal support scheduling and initiating meetings. In Gmail, for example, simply click on the calendar icon, then on the time of the meeting, then on the Join Zoom meeting link. If the host requests it, there may also be call options.

Zoom versus Skype, what better video conferencing software?

If the microphone and the camera are turned off, Zoom has the option of communicating via text chat, with an interface that is somewhat reminiscent of Slack's. Among other Zoom functions, the one that allows you to take advantage of the app even for webinars. By using a custom registration URL, participants can be invited to their webinar. Thanks to Zoom's recording function, you can also save your webinar and reuse it again later.

Furthermore, among Zoom's pros, the "Zoom Rooms for Touch" function, which works when the app is running on devices equipped with a touchscreen: this allows you to draw on the display as if it were a blackboard.

Access to free Zoom: you can manually create an account via email or log in with Google or Facebook.

Pros and cons

Among the Pros of Skype definitely there ease of use and presence on a number greater than platforms. As already mentioned, the app for everyone, anyone who will not have difficulty using it, also because it offers a UI similar in many respects to the most common chats, such as Messenger, WhatsApp and others. In contrast, Zoom is not so simple to use, and available for a number less than platforms, also because it is mainly linked to a working environment, certainly not for common video calls between friends and family.

Between points in favor of Zoom the possibility, also with the base plan, of accommodate up to 100 participants, compared to 50 in Skype, even if for video conferencing they will last 40 minutes (basic plan). Skype, on the other hand, will offer video conferencing for unlimited minutes.

Up Skype is missing the features for webinars, the whiteboard function, but in general it is a much more accessible software, with a UI that is certainly easy and familiar for anyone. In short, the apps seem to appeal to an audience that is undoubtedly different: in the business sector, especially for large companies, the right choice could be Zoom, even if in these environments the cost could increase depending on the uses.