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Your surveillance cameras in your pocket with iPhone and iPod touch

Do you want to monitor your home, the entrance of your office or a store warehouse using iPhone? Now you can do it and at a discounted price thanks to i-c-LiveCams, an interesting application built entirely around the use of web cameras, for sale at 79 cents on the App Store.

i-c-LiveCams was born as an application to access tens of thousands of cameras that shoot buildings, panoramas, beaches, monuments around the world, showing them live via the Internet. This popular feature for i-c-LiveCams' first stage only; the second, in fact, the possibility of accessing its own Internet-connected camera. In practical terms this means that it is possible to set up a security camera and while away from it see what happens. ic-LiveCams in this respect probably the best and cheapest among the systems on the market and although, obviously, not a professional product (and as such with some limitations) certainly useful for those who make a "casual" use of this function, maybe because on vacation or away for a weekend.

i-c-LiveCams provides access in video streaming when connected over Wifi but also operates on a cellular network; in this case it sends still images at regular cycles to reduce bandwidth occupation. With this really low cost program (79 euro cents) it is also possible to take a look at the child's bedroom, see if the home alarm was triggered by chance or if there really is an intruder or simply, if you have a camera bet on a balcony or the garden, if a storm has damaged our plants and ask someone to intervene.

ic-LiveCams integrates profiles for Axis, Canon, Edimax, EvoCam, Linksys, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pixord, Sony, Toshiba, Trendnet, WebcamXP and all y-Cam cameras, supports zoom and pan for Canon cameras and Axis and able to interface with iSight, Firewire and USB cameras using the EvoCam software. Also compatible with USB and Firewire cameras for Windows with WebcamXP. Supports password access for protected cameras.

As mentioned, i-c-LiveCams also works with public cameras. There are thousands of them stored and others can be added reaching to cover with a glance almost the whole world directly from your iPhone.

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