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XPress Arabic Edition

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Quark Media House yesterday announced the release of "XPress Arabic Edition", the Arabic language version of QuarkXPress. The Arabic Edition allows you to add Arabic language support to the most popular of desktop publishing packages. This is an excellent version for those who need to create complex layouts, including multilingual ones. This product is only the first of Quark specifically designed for the Middle Eastern and North African market. The company intends to release other products, given the success achieved by XPress Arabic-edition already in the beta-testing phase. Quark XPress Arabic Edition will be distributed and supported by the "Layout Ltd" of Beirut, one of the main software houses of the Arab world. The user interface has been completely localized and allowed the import of English or Arabic text (the text, paragraphs, tabs, rulers and indents are automatically set in the most appropriate way according to the language). be applied to both Roman and Arabic text. It is possible to check the spelling of written documents in both languages. The price of the package has not yet been communicated. We know, however, that a discounted version is available for owners of the "Passport" version. (Edited by Newton)

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