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Xiaomi rice cooker, hi-tech lands in the kitchen with the first Mi Ecosystem device

From smartphones to smartbands, from smartbands to smartlights and from smartlights to "smartcuociriso". this is the path that Xiaomi has traveled that has announced the launch of its first device for the home: a rice cooker, in fact, hi-tech.

The kitchen accessory, like all Xiaomi devices, has a minimal design and style combined with advanced technologies at a competitive price: the Xiaomi rice cooker will cost about $ 150, according to the company, 40 percent less than the price of comparable products of the competition. To give an example, the rice cookers from Zojirushi, one of the most popular brands in Japan, can cost well over $ 300.

Also controlled via smartphone, the rice cooker equipped with a cast iron bowl with Teflon coating and controlled by the Xiaomi Mi Home app; users can use their smartphone to scan the barcode on different types of rice, and the device can automatically adjust its methodology and cooking temperature to cook a specific variety of rice. Xiaomi says it has already cataloged over 200 different types of this cereal, and will expand the selection in the future.

With this XiaomiinaugurabrandMi Ecosystem device, a name under which all the devices compatible with the Xiaomi ecosystem will be distributed. In reality, the Mi Ecosystem devices may also be produced by other companies, but they will still be able to "talk" to the Chinese company's smart ecosystem.

The launch of the rice cooker scheduled for April 6 in China and hardly even in the West, at least for now.

Xiaomi rice cooker