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Xiaomi Mi Community: Italian language support is official Download

While waiting to be able to take advantage of the benefits offered by its official presence on the Italian market, Xiaomi has decided to enhance a very useful product for its users such asMi Community app with the update in Italian that marks a milestone.

Xiaomi Mi Community is updated: what changes for users and what does it mean for the Italian market?

For those unfamiliar with the app My Community a quick link to the well-known forum Xiaomi within which users can exchange experiences, find answers to the most important FAQs as well as being informed of events, prizes and much more.

The update of Mi Community in Italian brings a breath of fresh air to our market by offering greater assistance on primary discussions, greater understanding and a considerable simplification for the resolution of doubts and problems related to the world of Asian brand devices.

Xiaomi Mi Community worksScreen of the Xiaomi Mi Community functions and options

More than for the functions offered, described in the next paragraph, the importance of this novelty certainly represented by the importance that the company is preparing to give to Italy by starting to provide the first official assistance tools.

Mi Community: functions and downloads from the Google Play Store

Xiaomi Mi Community offers, with the new update, the following list of functions:

  • Intuitive creation and response to threads with native tools
  • Messenger service integrated with active notifications to interact with community members in freedom
  • Prize activities with weekly competitions
  • A whole series of topics on current topics on Xiaomi products

There are no particular requirements for install the Xiaomi app, if not obviously owning an Asian brand device – not mandatory but facilitating in its own way – to get the best out of its potential.

You can download the updated app in its latest version, at any time without having to pay attention to the app version, directly from Google Play Store at the following badge link:

Mi Community - The Xiaomi forum

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