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Xbox Series X will support expansion cards, here is the first from Seagate

Microsoft has just revealed some of the technical features of the Xbox Series X, including support for "expansion cards" that allow faster storage, like the SSD inside the console, which we remember to be 1 TB. These external cards will also have the same capacity, and Seagate is the first manufacturer to invest in the project.

The brand presented the first expansion cards for the X series, capable of providing 1 TB of additional space, maintaining the same performance as the SSD integrated into the console. Those who aim at the digital game, with the download of titles from the appropriate store, may need additional memory, because 1 TB of integrated storage may be exhausted after downloading the first titles.

Xbox Series X supporter expansion cards, here is the first from Seagate

The company has not provided the prices or a release date for the accessory, although some considerations can be made on both points. As for the time window, they are likely to be released together with the console, or in any case just after. As for the price, however, a benchmark can be given by PCIe SSDs of the same class, such as Samsung's Evo Plus 970, which in the 1 TB variant for sale for about 200 euros on Amazon. Producing a similar one, moreover in an easily removable format, will certainly not help to keep the price low.

As Microsoft has already done, Seagate also points out that it is not possible to play with an external USB drive. These conventional units are not fast enough for the new X series: they will work well for non-optimized Xbox One games, as well as for your Xbox 360 and Xbox original game collections, but will encounter technical limitations in running the new Xbox Series X games.

Like it or not, this generation will probably also be remembered for the expensive semi-proprietary outdoor units, not to mention any console models with more integrated storage space, which will surely increase the price.